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In 1989, the CAWV Board of Directors implemented the scholarship program. The scholarship is available to sophomores, juniors and seniors enrolled, or planning to enroll, in civil engineering or a construction related four-year degree program in a West Virginia college or university. Eligible schools include West Virginia University, West Virginia University Institute of Technology, Fairmont State University, Bluefield State College or Marshall University. Scholarship recipients are chosen based on academic performance, extra-curricular activities, employment experience, financial need and a demonstrated interest in a construction related career. Finalists participate in a person interview with the CAWV Scholarship Foundation.





Applications are accepted in January and February and will be available online during the submission period. The deadline for submission of ALL information is March 19, 2021. For more information, contact the CAWV at (304) 342-1166. All applications must contain the following information:


·         Cover Letter: Each applicant must include a cover letter with their application packet. This letter should introduce the applicant and explain their reasons for applying, professional goals, involvement in extracurricular activities and reasons in which they would be deserving of the CAWV Scholarship.


·         Application Form: This application is to be completed, signed and dated. Add additional sheets as necessary if sufficient space is not provided. All other information must be mailed to the CAWV.


·         Transcript: Each applicant is to provide an official transcript of their college record from their institution. This transcript will be used in determination of academic eligibility.


·         Letter of Recommendation: Each applicant must provide a letter from a faculty member recommending the student for the scholarship. This letter should be kept confidential and be submitted in a sealed envelope to the CAWV office.


 Contact Pat McDonald at (304) 342-1166 or email for more information.







“I can’t tell you how much this scholarship will help me achieve my goal of obtaining my engineering degree. I want you to know that when I graduate, I will stay in West Virginia and make an impact on the construction industry for our state.”

    Daniel Craigo, 2017 Scholarship Winner
    Civil Engineer, Triad Engineering, Inc.


“This  scholarship  is  an  amazing opportunity  that  will  open  so  many doors. I am not sure how I could ever repay the association membership,  but  I  do  know  I  will continue  to  work  hard  and  make  a great new addition to the construction industry.”

    Haylie Ballard, 2014 Scholarship Winner

“Winning the CAWV scholarship launched my career, and that truly had a positive effect on me. I met so many people during the State Meeting. Mike Griffith, J.F. Allen Company, Buckhannon, contacted me and offered me an internship with them in their utilities division, helping with bidding and construction.
After graduation, I accepted a full-time position with the company.”

    Ken Hacker, 2008 Scholarship Winner
    Staff Engineer, Morgantown Utility Board

“After winning the first-place scholarship award and accepting the check at the CAWV State Meeting, the fruitfulness of the CAWV was clearly evident. Opportunities arose like I would never have imagined. The CAWV germinated the seed in 2006 which sprouted initial field experience opportunities with Kanawha Stone Company that ultimately resulted in a strong root system for RDR Energy Resources. Thanks again to the CAWV for who you are, what you represent, and what you have done for my career.”

    Roy Randolph, 2006 Scholarship Winner
    Owner, RDR Energy Resources

“Never have I been reserved when saying the CAWV scholarship was the very spine that catapulted my career and is truly the foundation of all my successes. Instantly upon winning the scholarship, the construction community embraced me and my curiosities, assuring that with perseverance the profession would see me through.”

    Shirley Adkins, 2005 Scholarship Winner
    Chief Engineer and Director of Plant Operations, Tennova Dyersburg

“The scholarship has been very beneficial to me in so many ways. The monetary support was invaluable at the time, but I was also able to meet so many people in the CAWV during the process. Making contacts through the CAWV scholarship has been a very important part of my success thus far.”

    Jason Kitzmiller, 2000 Scholarship Winner
    President, ALL Construction, Inc.

“The CAWV scholarship facilitated my education so I could continue with school and have the career I’d always wanted. The award allowed me to study instead of working so hard.”

    Tim Coffman, 1992 Scholarship Winner
    Vice President, Phoenix Associates

CAWV Scholarship Foundation Top Award Winners:

1991 - Lesley Rosier-Tabor (WVUIT)
1992 - Tim Coffman (WVU)
1993 - Jeff Mayfield (FSU)
1994 - Kevin Jordan (BSC)
1995 - Alan Reed (WVUIT)
1996 - Matthew B. Taylor (WVUIT)
1997 - L. Matthew Taylor (WVUIT)
1998 - Matthew Echard (WVU)
1999 - Lisa Landin (WVUIT)
2000 - Jason Kitzmiller (WVU)
2001 - Martin Padula (WVU)
2002 - Adam Lease (WVUIT)
2003 - Vasilios Manuel (WVUIT)
2004 - William Sibold (BSC)
2005 - Shirley Adkins (MU)
2006 - Roy Randolph (FSU)
2007 - Bryan Legg (WVUIT)
2008 - Ken Hacker (FSU)
2009 - Jennifer Stains (WVU)
2010 - Jese Vance (MU)
2011 - Jacob Brown (WVU)
2012 - Chris Robertson (WVU)
2013 - Brandon Bartlett (FSU)
2014 - Haylie Ballard (WVUIT)
2015 - Kalee Murphy (FSU)
2016 - Paige Thewes (MU)
2017 - Daniel Craigo (MU)
2018 - Thomas Smith (MU)

2019 - Hannah Workman (FSU)

2020 - No Top Award Winner (Due to COVID-19)