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Bid Clearinghouse

Contact the CAWV to maximize bidder participation!


One of the many services the CAWV provides to the construction industry is the compilation of announcements for projects upcoming for bid. These projects are announced weekly through the Newsletter and immediately through our internet planroom, iSqFt.  Due to the increased number of projects, and to prevent bid dates for major projects being scheduled on the same day or close to one another, the association established a bid clearinghouse. This service attempts to prevent a project's bid date from conflicting with an already established bid date for another project.


Architects, engineers and/or owners are encouraged to call the CAWV to see what date is planned for the bid opening. The Planroom staff will check the scheduled bids to see if the date conflicts with another project.  They can then select that date or choose another if that date is already reserved.  In certain instances, a project must be bid on a particular date.  In this case, the projects will just have to conflict and contractors will have to determine if they wish to bid both or only one project.


The clearinghouse is completely voluntary and free of charge. It is aimed at providing architects, engineers, contractors and owners an opportunity to get the best bids possible.  To inquire about a bid date, contact Rena Moles or Shelly Hartley at (304) 342-1166, or email