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West Virginia Highway Construction Forum - July 18, 2017



As of July 1, 2017, the WVDOH will be putting out millions in new paving, bridge and other maintenance and construction projects with the passage of S.B. 1006, the $140 million highway funding bill.


The CAWV and WVDOH are holding a forum for all CAWV contractors, subcontractors, engineers, material suppliers, equipment dealers and all other interested members on Tuesday, July 18, at noon at Charleston Embassy Suites Hotel. Transportation Secretary Tom Smith, his leadership team, district engineers and others will outline the WVDOH’s proposals to get the projects designed and constructed, many within the next few lettings. 


CAWV members will have an opportunity to ask questions and to provide comments and recommendations on how to get the projects completed quickly.  It is hoped many of the projects can be completed this calendar year.  


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Registration forms should be returned by fax to (304) 342-1074 or emailed to, by Friday, July 14, 2017.