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Safety/Security Bulletin

June 16, 2017


JUNE 2017

Keeping safety meetings active and interesting to employees is sometimes a challenge. Finding topics to discuss every day or every week can be difficult. But, the value of getting the work crew together frequently and talking about safety and health issues is one of the most important functions a supervisor can perform.


Taking time at the beginning of the week or at the start of a new project to talk to employees about safety is good business.  The first thing to accomplish is establishing the importance of safety and health to the employees. Workers need to know that the company cares and is committed to providing the safest workplace environment possible.  This is also the time to stress the company’s commitment and policy of SAFETY FIRST.


Don’t limit regular safety meeting discussions to only the labor force. One way to find topics to relate to is to encourage employees to participate by bringing up ideas for improving safety. There are plenty of safety topics around every day on a typical construction project.


Staying focused on the ever changing construction activities of any project is a must. It is equally important that all the job site leaders meet to discuss issues of safety affecting their individual daily project activity.  Keeping supervisors, foremen and managers attention on safety each day by conducting frequent safety meetings to address planned activity is a very valuable tool to eliminate risks to employees and reduces costs associated with accidents.


Making notes of issues discussed and the corrective action taken is mandatory. Keeping safety meeting discussions documented will satisfy OSHA requirements that employees are instructed on current safety issues related to the project. Well documented safety meetings can be one of the most effective tools toward accident reduction, cost control and promotion of a safe project.


                        Call the CAWV at (304)342-1166 for help with your safety issues.


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