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Safety/Security Bulletin


January 4, 2019





Dangerous liquid fuels are found on most construction projects. Make sure they are kept in clearly marked containers.


Know how to safely store and use flammable and combustible liquids.


            *           Use fire safe products when possible.  This goes a long way in helping to reduce or eliminate fire dangers.


            *           Beware of using gasoline, benzene, or other flammables as cleaners.  Less dangerous products are available that will work as well.


            *           Keep only a minimum supply of flammables and combustibles on hand.


            *           Store your supply away from building(s).


            *           DO NOT store materials in boiler, electrical panel, or air-conditioning equipment rooms.


            *           Protect against static electricity buildup when dispensing these liquids from drums into metal containers.  Ground all drums, and during filling, clip a wire between the drum and the container being filled.


            *           Use only approved safety cans for storing flammables.


            *           Oil, grease, and solvent soaked rags should be kept in a self-closing container.  Change or dispose of cleaning rags frequently.






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