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CAWV Member & Buyers Guide

The CAWV Membership Directory and Buyers Guide is an indexed guide of all members and the services/products they provide. The publication contains a definitive listing of “who’s who” in West Virginia’s construction, engineering and design industries. The directory is sent to all members, manufacturing, oil and gas, coal and other construction owners, county boards of education, city maintenance departments, and government agencies in West Virginia. We encourage members to reference the directory when looking for contractors, subcontractors, supplies, or planning your next construction or maintenance project. Additional copies are available. Contact Shelly Hartley at (304) 342-1166, or email, to request additional copies.

Disclaimer: Members, agencies and others listed in this publication provide the CAWV with the information contained in this document. The CAWV conveys this information as a courtesy to its members and takes all reasonable efforts to ensure its accuracy and completeness. Please be aware that there are often changes, updates, and corrections to the information contained herein that occur in real-time. Please refer to the business or organization website for the most up-to-date contact information.

Click the image below to view the printed directory.