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Member Reward Program

The CAWV Membership Referral Program rewards current members that recruit new members into the association. Members that recruit a new member will receive a $100 certificate for a new CONTRACTOR MEMBER and a $50 certificate for a new ASSOCIATE MEMBER. The reward certificates can be used for meeting registrations as well as other CAWV events and there is no limit on how many certificates you can use at once.



  • CAWV.ORG - The membership section of the CAWV website makes it easy to share association information to prospective members, which includes the many member services, discounts and benefits.


  • MEMBERSHIP PACKET - A membership packet can be obtained by contacting Shelly Hartley at or (304) 342-1166.


  • NEW MEMBER DISCOUNT - New Contractor Members will receive $50 off and Associate Members will receive $25 off their dues at sign-up. This is a great incentive to reference when recruiting.


  • WORKERS’ COMPENSATION PREMIUM DISCOUNTS - Encova’s Association Safety Program offers a discount on workers’ compensation premiums. For some, the savings is so great that it pays for annual dues and then some!


  • AFFINITY PROGRAMS - CAWV members have access to many money saving programs including Verizon, Enterprise Fleet, FedEx, etc.