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Welcome to The Contractors Association of West Virginia

The CAWV represents over 450 businesses and 20,000 employees in the building, highway, industrial and utility contracting industries. Our members are “Hard at Work” building safe roads and bridges, modern schools and hospitals, and water and sewer infrastructure that increases the quality of life for all West Virginians. The CAWV is the state’s only full service organization dedicated to meeting the needs of the construction industry in West Virginia. The CAWV is one of the most respected trade organizations in the state, and for over 95 years has been a traditional leader of the business community in advancing legislative and public policy issues. We are “Hard at Work” building a better West Virginia.




 The Contractors Association of West Virginia serves its members, the construction industry and general public through communication, education, representation and promotion.




Construction News


A survey of CAWV members shows that the unprecedented mix of steeply rising construction materials price increases and delays in the supply chain for products is affecting West Virginia construction projects as much as the rest of the nation. The association surveyed contractors, subcontractors, suppliers and design members last week who noted steep price increases over the past year ranged from lumber to metals to pipe. Survey results showed that lumber and plywood soared more than 70 percent. Steel prices climbed between 20 percent and 40 percent with certain products reaching 70 percent. The majority of respondents on PVC pipe (23%) noted they have experienced an increase of 60 percent to 70 percent while 19 percent of respondents have seen an increase of over 70 percent.

CAWV members said the pandemic has greatly impacted the supply chain. Nearly 72 percent of members responding said they have had a delay in a project due to the rise of prices or lack of material. Fifty percent said the delay has been three months and 37 percent are not sure how long of a delay there will be. A few members have seen projects canceled due to the current uncertainty in prices and delivery.

A synopsis of the survey can be found by clicking here.


2021 West Virginia Legislative Session Wrap-Up


The first session of the 85th West Virginia Legislature completed its 2021 Regular Session on Saturday, April 10, at midnight. Over 2,039 bills, much less than last year, were introduced during the 60-day session, with 282 of those bills successfully passed by both the House and Senate, including a balanced budget for fiscal year 2021-2022. The CAWV did not have many issues this year given the fact that COVID-19 greatly modified the legislative session. However, there were a number of bills introduced that adversely impacted CAWV members or the construction industry. These bills were either defeated in committee or were never put on the agenda for debate.


S.B. 673, the CAWV’s bill to require civil action regarding West Virginia construction contracts be resolved in West Virginia, passed 33-0 in the Senate and 99-0 in the House.  The bill was developed by the CAWV Legislative Committee to mandate that West Virginia is the location where construction claims must be resolved if a party to a West Virginia construction contract breaches that contract. Under current law, there may be a dispute of only several thousands of dollars, yet West Virginia construction firms are faced with bringing a lawsuit thousands of miles away, which is expensive, time consuming and disruptive. Virginia, Ohio, and Pennsylvania have legislation that voids any language in a boilerplate contract that forces in state firms to resolve any disputes in the state where the project owner resides, thereby requiring the contractor or subcontractor to hire out of state counsel. The bill is effective for construction projects entered into after July 1, 2021. For more information, see the full legislative wrap-up by clicking here.





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