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CAWV Safety Awards

Working Hard Working Safe


Each year, the CAWV Safety Committee invites members of the to participate in the Safety Award Program. Awards are presented at EXPO in March to companies who have exhibited excellence in safety at the workplace. A panel of safety professionals, owner representatives and insurance experts judge the participants. Finalists are chosen from contractors and associates who achieve an excellent performance rating.


Your company works hard to work safely.

Let us help you reward your employees for their efforts.


As we acknowledge each winning company’s safety achievement, we want to help you give your employees the pat on the back that they deserve. It is, after all, their daily focus on working safely that earns the company’s safety record. Promotional products, an awards presentation and a plaque round out the program.



Entries are Due 03/19/21


Contractor Safety Award Packet



Associate Safety Award Packet


Members participating in the program are scored on their documented safety policies and procedures, their commitment and approach to safety and health, as well as their recorded statistical data for the year. Special attention is given to the quality of safety training provided to employees and members who demand active employee involvement in their safety process.


Applications are accepted, and will be available here, during the Winter months each year. Awards are presented in the following categories: Building Division, Utility Division, Industrial Division, Specialty Contractor Division and Associate Division.



Please contact Pat McDonald at (304) 342-1166

or email for additional information.