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State Meeting



The CAWV State Meeting recognized members for excellence in their safety programs, quality concrete awards will be presented, and the CAWV Scholarship Foundation recipient accepted the CAWV scholarship check. “Thank you for what the CAWV does as an organization and what you do individually to make West Virginia a better place to live and work,” Major General James A. Hoyer told members attending the CAWV State Meeting held March 20 at the Charleston Coliseum and Convention Center. “Each of you play a major role in accomplishing this.” Nearly 200 CAWV members and state and federal contracting officials attended this year’s meeting which was held in conjunction with the 40th annual WV EXPO. CAWV President Roger Thomas, in his introduction of West Virginia’s adjutant general for the WV National Guard, told members that the CAWV Workforce Development Task Force has been working with Gen. Hoyer and his staff to offer a construction training curriculum. “The guard has the capabilities to train people in horizontal and vertical construction at our Camp Dawson facility in Preston County,” said Gen. Hoyer. “We train our military personnel for careers after they complete their guard service and we are about to implement “Jim’s Dream,” Governor Jim Justice’s drug treatment program aimed at getting people into the job market by offering training programs.”


The general also presented members with information on the guard’s “Mountaineer Challenge Academy” which is a 22-week quasi-military program aimed at giving direction to youth that have academic or other problems. “Many of these kids come from good families, other come from broken homes,” Gen. Hoyer stated. “Our program gives them a GED from their home high school and job skills to make them a productive member of their communities. On average, we have about 300 students that go through the academy which makes us the 10th largest high school, by numbers, in West Virginia.” The general said he is pleased to be working with CAWV Workforce Development Task Force members to begin providing specific training programs for the construction industry. “We will train military people, people who are looking at changing careers and interested in the construction industry and recovering addicts who are trying to turn their lives around,” he said. “We want to provide a future trained workforce for the construction industry.”


President Thomas thanked General Hoyer for the work he is doing and pledged to provide the resources of the CAWV to help his efforts. The general attended the Workforce Development Task Force meeting following the State Meeting. More information on General Hoyer’s presentation will be in the March/April issue of West Virginia Construction News magazine.


 The next CAWV State Meeting will be held March 25, 2020 at the Charleston Coliseum & Convention Center in conjunction with the West Virginia Construction & Design EXPO.