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CAWV / WVDOH Technician and Inspector Courses


Spring Session 2019





The CAWV is pleased to announce that registration is open for the Spring 2019 Technician Certification Training Courses. The courses, which are offered annually to help individuals prepare for WVDOH certification examinations required under their Quality Assurance Program, have seen greater demand this year due to the passage of the “Roads to Prosperity Bond Amendment”. Thousands of individuals have attended courses in Compaction, Aggregates, Asphalt and Portland Cement Concrete over the last several years. Test comparisons prove that those persons who attend the CAWV/WVDOH courses have a higher success rate for passing the exams.


* please note: All certification testing has been moved to an online format that will require the attendee to have a laptop, tablet or iPad type device to take the test. The use of smart phones during the test is prohibited.


Class                                                                                                 Training DATES


Soil and Aggregate Compaction Inspector (see note below)                April 1-5

This certification will only include soil and aggregate Inspector certification. If you need to test asphalt compaction, you will need to take the Asphalt Field Technician course.


Asphalt Field Technician (see note below)                                             April 15-19

A certified Asphalt Field Technician is now required on all paving projects. This course is also required to test Asphalt Compaction.


PCC                                                                                                     April 29 - May 2

Portland Cement Concrete Inspector



For more information, contact Rena Moles at (304) 342-1166, or e-mail