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Hard at Work Campaign

The CAWV’s Hard at Work program represents pride in the industry and association. Construction is one of the largest industries in West Virginia. The Hard at Work logo raises the visibility of contactors throughout the state while showing the industry as career choice.


Hard at Work signs and banners are available. Members are invited and encouraged to use the logo on their publications, letterhead and/or business cards.


Hard at Work stickers are available in a variety of sizes. We also offer a DMV-issued Hard at Work license plate.


"The CAWV’s members are its greatest advertising tool and our missions are best served by strength in numbers.  We invite and encourage all association members to display the logos, stickers, and jobsite banners, as each one advertises your commitment to non-members.  When members faithfully utilize the resources of other members through sub-contracts with contractor members and purchases with associated members, we show non-members the importance of “belonging” to our Association.  The more members we bring in, the stronger our Association becomes, our united voice grows louder, and our interests are better protected.”

-2010-2012 CAWV Public Relations Chair Carrie Haynes, ACCAD Corporation, Ivydale



For additional information on the Hard at Work public relations program, contact Cassidy Webb at (304) 342-1166 or