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Hard at Work Campaign



Are you “Hard at Work”? Show your support for the construction industry by signing up for an official DMV-issued “Hard at Work” license plate.  This license plate raises the visibility of contractors throughout the state. 

“Our members are our greatest advertising tool and our missions are best served by strength in numbers,” said Carrie Haynes, who served as the 2011-2012 Public Relations Committee chair. “Each “Hard at Work” logo advertises our commitment to the association and industry.” Haynes explained that she was hit with a new idea for promoting the association while traveling on I-79.  “Alumni plates, wildlife plates, Friends of Coal plates, even NASCAR plates are becoming much more common,” she said. “A “Hard at Work” plate will be a powerful advertising statement on the back of our members’ vehicles while also providing support for the State Road Fund.”


Companies can submit multiple applications by completing a form for each vehicle and submitting one check to cover the total fee. 


The initial check to the CAWV Scholarship Foundation will be $91.50. Annual renewals are $66.50. The entire license plate fee goes directly to the State Road Fund. All Class A vehicles, which includes anything under 10,000 pounds, are eligible for the plate. 


Please pass the application along to your co-workers, employees, friends and family members. Any vehicle under 10,000 pounds (Class A) is eligible for the plate. Please consider them for your vehicle fleet and personal vehicles. Please don’t hesitate to contact Pat McDonald at (304) 342-1166 or with any questions. 











1.      Do I have to renew my license while waiting for a “Hard at Work” plate?



The “Hard at Work” license plates are active from July to July. You will need to renew your license while waiting for the plate to arrive. The DMV will provide a +/- two to three months on license registration for the first year.



2.      What is the cost of a CAWV license plate?



The initial check to the CAWV Scholarship Foundation will be $91.50. Annual renewals are $66.50. The entire license plate fee goes directly to the State Road Fund.



3.      Can I personalize my “Hard at Work” plate?



The plates are only permitted to use numbers.



4.      How are renewals handled?



The license plate is active for one year, running from July to July. DMV handles all renewal notices, fees and correspondence.



5.      Who is eligible to order the “Hard at Work” license plate?



The “Hard at Work” license plate  is available for Class A vehicles only (under 10,000 pounds). The plate is a way for the CAWV to raise public awareness of the construction industry while helping to fund the state’s roadways.



6.      Do I have to fill out an individual application for every vehicle in our fleet?




The DMV requires unique information on each vehicle (such as the VIN number). You do have to submit an application for each vehicle, but you can print the details that generally pertain to the company fleet, copy the form, and fill in individual details. One check must be sent for the cost of all company vehicles. 




7.      Can I get the plate at a DMV retail office?



The “Hard at Work” plate must be ordered through the CAWV Scholarship Foundation. The DMV will provide an application to anyone who requests the plate at a retail office.